iPad Application for CRM 2013

CRM has released a new iPad application for CRM 2013. It is free and you can download it from apple's app store. I was able to play around with this application today and I can tell you I was impressed!!!

When application was launched, here is the first screen I could see:

After that I was prompted for URL for my IFD / online instance. I used Microsoft Online and simply typed the URL as crmuser30.crm5.dynamics.com. It took a minute to configure and after that it was ready. Here is the home screen

So which entities are available in the tablet application? It is all the entities where you have clicked CRM on Tablet as shown on the screenshot below. This is something you do on the web site and not on the tablet. This can be performed under Settings -> Solutions-> Select your solution. This also includes custom entities that you create for your solution.

 Next, how do you navigate in the mobile application? Easy, click on the home button on top. It shows familiar navigation.

You can see that the custom entity test is also in the list of entities. So how do we add new record. Easy! Click on the bottom right corner and select Add. You will see the form to add data.

So what does the search feature allow you to search? Here is the screenshot which displays the list of entities available for search.
This is a great leap forward for CRM.

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