Friday, 13 December 2013

Modify Opportunity Product inline grid

If you worked with Opportunity Product inline editable grid, you have noticed that this grid cannot be customized.

If the given in-line grid does not serve the business needs of your organisation, it is possible to revert to CRM 2011 style where the opportunity product form opens on click of add.
You can create a new sub-grid for opportunity product and select the relevant view for the grid. This opens the opportunity product when + sign is clicked. Please note you should hide the other grid and not delete it just in case you want to revert back to it any point of time. This is because as it is inline editable grid, the behaviour of this grid is different than other grids.

Unknown in the sitemap

If you see label like Unknown234 in the sitemap, here is how to fix this.

1) Export the CRM solution as unmanaged solution with sitemap.
2) Unzip the solution file.
3) Open customizations.xml file.
4) Navigate to Sitemap area.
5) Look for GroupId tags without ResourceId. These are the cause of Unknown in the sitemap.
6) Add relevant ResourceId and then package the solution again.
7) Import the solution.

Hope it helps.